Our Story

In 2015, we dreamed of a company where skilled engineers could join a people-centered organization that empowers them to work on engaging projects, provides work-life balance, and sustains their passion for their craft.

In our previous lives in corporate America, we saw first-hand that top performing engineers experience burnout in as little 3-7 years. It was not uncommon to see a top performing engineer completely walk away from the craft they once loved. Excellent outcomes do not require sacrificing the sustainability of individuals.

The result was our model, underwritten by the core philosophy that a team of healthy and highly skilled engineers create the best outcomes. We experience high client retention due to this fact. We do it because we love our people, our clients, and the work.

Razar was founded for engineers by engineers, innovators and thought leaders. We would love to bring value to your organization, explore what we do?

Software engineer looking at code