Innovation and Incubation

Innovation begins within Razar. We believe in creating space for engineers to incubate, ideate and innovate. We are the factory, not the machine. Explore our innovation process below:

  • Shark Tank style fun day!
  • Q3 every year
  • 1 idea chosen for 30–90 days of investent
  • Idea owner and Razar CEO negotiate terms, funding, resources, and milestones
  • Q3 + Q4 every year
  • Varies
  • Idea owner collects initial buyer (B2B) or user (B2C) feedback
  • Negotiate
  • Execute
  • User feedback
  • If/when ready, assist in capital raise if desirable
  • Spin off into its own company

Razar Engineering Manifesto

What makes Working at Razar so Great

We are a for-profit software shop that is striving to become fully self-sustaining without ever giving up a majority stake of the company.

  • Our majority equity stake is and will always be held by our software engineers

We are committed to achieving our mission through short term sacrifice.

  • Our engineers contribute their talent at or below fair market value, sometimes in order to build equity in the projects they contribute to with the knowledge that they are building future passive revenue streams

We are skeptical of the world around us, we realize that the game is rigged for the casual investor no matter the medium (stock market for the brokers, real estate for the realtors, corporate America for the executives).

  • In order to become truly wealthy you must be one of the insiders of a given medium and that is where Razar Technologies comes in
  • We, as software engineers, can be the insiders of this disruptive industry if we simply own a piece of everything we build!

Our team has successfully launched two trademarked products leveraging our innovation process. Between client engagements, engineers get to work on and launch their passion projects.

Why Razar?

Our employees own a piece of the company and we give them room to grow through incubating and launching ideas. At Razar engineers are the factory not the machine. In order to create incredible software your mind must have the freedom and space to do the work.

We focus on our people working a 40-hour work week. That means no all-nighters and you are not on call during the weekend. This balance creates space to think, ideate, and dream. The clients get your very best and you’ll have the opportunity to bring your ideas to market, doing what you do best: building.